Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Police Clash with G20 Demonstraters in the City

Craig Murray's predictions that the Police would pen-in and provoke protesters (see article below) prove to have been correct. Moreover it appears that the Police deliberately provoked the crowds into violence and confrontation by first lashing out with batons and then charging them, both on foot and with mounted police. The BBC News 24 commentator on the spot, Ben Brown, admitted that he found the police charge very scary.

One demonstrator claimed that it was precisely when the Police began to pen-in the crowds that windows were broken in the Royal Bank of Scotland building.

So the question must be asked: was the Police charge deliberately planned in order to panic the crowd and provoke further violence? Was it intended to provide a photo-opportunity for the mainstream media (MSM), meant to justify all the hyping-up of violence that the MSM had been stoking for weeks?

UPDATE: Certainly the Six o'Clock News on BBC News 24 presented the events as "bloody clashes" caused by the protesters. Never mind that it was the protesters' blood that had been spilt! The Police were shown to be reacting to an aggressive crowd with footage of the Police being pushed-back. No similar footage was shown of the Police operation --significantly named Operation Glencoe-- to pen-in, separate and provoke the protesters.

And while the reportage concentrated on the confrontation in the City the peaceful demonstrations in Trafalgar Square and elsewhere were mentioned only in passing. The MSM certainly got their photo-opportunity of 'violent protesters' bearing-out all the hype that led up to this afternoon.

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