Sunday, 5 April 2009

The New Class And The Workers

In America as in many parts of Europe one can sense both a fear of action and a fear of non-action. A fear of change. A fear of promises of change. Fear that things can only get worse. A fear like that of a people inhabiting the wrong house, or the haunting fear that the real house it once inhabited is today occupied by usurpers. The New Class counts on the reluctance of people to rebel. For people have never rebelled easily. People count on reforms. People prefer reforms. People do everything possible to avoid real social convulsion and upheaval, even compromising with a Fascist police state.

On the other hand, change is in the air, and not the kind President Obama means. Protesters in these bloody days braved police tear gas and rubber bullets, in Strasbourg today suffering 50 injured and wounded and hundreds harassed and arrested. Old words are again current: rebellion, revolution, Socialism. Today’s political representatives of the New Class are aware that the spirit of mutiny is brewing. President Obama’s use of the word “change” is not enough. No wonder the New Class has armed itself with a set of anti-constitutional laws to crush the revolutionary spirit.


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