Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Corrupt, Lying Government and its Politicized Police Force

Right from the start this blogger sensed that the Easter 'anti-terror' raids were politically-motivated and carried out by a politicized police force whose primary agenda seems to be to serve an oppressive, corrupt and lying government.

It's good to see a major blogger like Craig Murray agree:

Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith Terror Lies Revealed

Only two of the twelve people arrested in dramatic "terror raids" in the North West of England are still in police custody. Nine more were released from anti-terror detention on Tuesday. Their arrest was first headline on all news bulletins and announced by no less than the Prime Minister himself. Sky News is saying that despite the total lack of evidence against them, they are still regarded as a security threat and thus are being deported - thus getting rid of the embarassment of these innocent men being able to talk to the press.


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