Wednesday, 25 February 2009

War Crimes and being on the Wrong Side of History

By refusing to publish the Cabinet Minutes prior to the 2003 attack on Iraq, The UK's Justice Minister, Jack Straw, as good as admitted the Cabinet's culpability in an illegal, international war crime.

But war crimes, it turns out, are only committed by the West's political enemies. It is simply impossible that the upholders of freedom and democracy could ever be war criminals! The following article, Wrong Side of History, illustrates the western media's collusion in propagating this monstrous lie:

"It is now widely understood that the media on both sides of the Atlantic completely failed to hold governments to account in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq."

"Less talked about is the mainstream media's subsequent failure to accurately report on the continuing occupation of Iraq - in particular, the large, violent resistance that sprang up after the initial US-British assault in March 2003."

"The reason we find it so difficult to accept is because we are the bad guys this time. We have caused all this pain and suffering."

"If you go back to the Nuremberg principles, to commit aggressive war is the supreme crime. And what we did in Iraq is we committed aggressive war.

"Britain is as guilty as the United States. We are on the wrong side of history."


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