Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Afghanistan: What are We doing There?

As President Obama announces the sending of a further 17 thousand US troops into Afghanistan and British TV continues an incessant propaganda justifying our presence there --the 'War on Terror'-- the question needs to be asked: why are British soldiers involved in an imperialist venture launched as a revenge-attack by the cretin, Bush? And what is NATO --the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-- doing policing and occupying a country in central Asia?

To put it in a nutshell: it's all about geopolitics, the stuff about the 'War on Terror' is no more than the justification which provides the propaganda behind what is in effect a twenty-first century, imperialist resource war.

In fact the much-vaunted "War against Terrorism" is really the ongoing World War of western capitalism that replaced the Cold War, a time during which "hot" wars were exported to places like Korea and Vietnam, with the idea of "Endless War", which is really an unending war based on geostrategic needs to grab as much of the Planet's mineral resources as possible.
Afghanistan: The Dollar Line

Readers are advised to read my article, Afghanistan: The Dollar Line, first published in December 2007. The article goes into the geostrategic importance of Afghanistan to the West and why it has secured its occupation in what is envisaged will be a long-term presence.

Yet it is now commonly recognized --though rarely admitted-- by the USUK that it is a war that it cannot win, with the resistance from the Taleban steadily increasing. So what is Obama playing at with this new surge of troop deployment supported by the US' sidekick and vassal-state, Britain?

If this is a war that cannot be won then what else can explain the West's imperialist adventure in a country which has always defeated those who sought to control it? Occupation of a strategic resource in an endless war appears to be the answer. That keeps other interests such as those of Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at bay. And like Vietnam, Afghanistan provides the USUK Military-Industrial Complex with a never-ending source for weapons production and massive subsidies from their taxpayers.

Meantime, thousands of innocents die in a high-tech massacre along with hundreds of the USUK's soldiers. The po-faced politicians hide behind a hypocrisy of concern for the loss of 'our boys and girls' whereas they really don't give a damn about it. As usual, the media hide the truth from our populations and the public are predictably mystified and disturbed about it all.

Which leaves us bloggers to do the job of questioning and challenging our rulers and their servile media. Is this what the much-vaunted 'special relationship' is really about, that our rulers must always and unquestioningly do what they're told by the US? Is this how corrupted these rulers have become? And is this something that we Brits are prepared to continue living with as this Island slides inexorably towards totalitarianism?

Why we Fight?

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