Thursday, 12 February 2009

Flirting with Free Speech or Abusing it?

The far-right Dutch Islamophobe, Geert Wilders, was today prevented from entering the UK. Wilders is part of a much wider group of Islamophobes on the Continent who whilst hiding behind the pretence of 'the right to exercise free speech' are calculatedly using that privilege to inflame and incite racial and religious hatred .

He is currently being investigated by the Dutch courts for using hate-speak. Wilders, a Dutch parliamentarian, is widely known for his campaign to have the Koran banned in Holland. He has also produced a video, Fitna, which seeks to link Islam with terrorism.

Wilders has been accused of flirting with free speech. Those who have made an investigation of the Islamophobes might disagree: the word 'flirtation' is far too gentle a description of the abuse which dangerous people like Wilders indulge in.

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