Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Afghanistan: from Occupation to Permanent Occupation?

One has to ask why the US keeps shifting its goal-posts for troops withdrawal. While the spin put out to the public is that US/NATO still hopes to win this so-called war on terror the reality is that the presence of US/NATO in Afghanistan has geopolitical motives and, as such, is an Occupation and not a war. The fake War on Terror, launched after the 911 conspiracy, was simply the ideological rationale fabricated by the warmongers to hide their naked aggression in what is nothing more than 21st Century colonialism or Full Spectrum Dominance.

The US has over 700 military bases across the world.

It was never a question of whether the Evil Empire would 'win' in Afghanistan but simply one of how it could enter that country and establish its bases for a permanent military presence. The fake war on the Al Qaeda bogeyman gave them that excuse. And unless US/NATO is hammered into submission by the Afghan resistance we can expect to see them in that country for a very long time.

Meantime, our ruling elite will continue to shed crocodile tears over the blood sacrifice of countless innocent Afghan lives and those of our young men and women as they become cannon-fodder in the interests of the US Military-Industrial-Political Complex and business corporations. The evil pretence will go on and on and on...

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