Thursday, 8 January 2009

It's Time to denounce Israel as an International Pariah

Despite the Israeli government's attempts to lie and turn reality on its head and its banning of journalists from Gaza, with the death toll of mainly innocent civilians mounting to over 700 and the UN and relief agencies' withdrawal from Gaza it is surely time for those of us who are not in the thrall of the Anglo-Americans to denounce the government of Israel as an international pariah and to call for economic sanctions and trade embargoes against it.

By now it must be clear to the world that this is a gangster regime that can only remain in power because it is supported by similar gangsters in the USA, the UK and the European Union. We shouldn't expect anything from gangsters whose mutual interest is only to serve each other.

It is time for the rest of the world to take the power back into its own hands and to act independently. By its actions Israel has made itself into an international pariah. It is time for the free world to both recognise this and to treat the pariah as such.

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