Monday, 1 December 2008

US Psyops and Press Agencies to be Merged

If you thought you were being lied to about the war in Afghanistan here is definitive proof of how the US controls both NATO and its Press Office.

"What we are seeing is a gradual increase of American influence in all areas of the war," [a] NATO official said. "Seeking to gain total control of the information flow from the campaign is just part of that."


  1. I saw your post on the PSYOP merger thing: I wrote a little bit about this issue here. It's contrary to what you wrote here, so tear it apart at your leisure

    Today there was a report that everything was worked out at Nato ISAF, and that this is no longer an issue, FYI.

  2. Have you repeated your comments to Reuters and the New York Times ... which are the sorces for this news?

    BTW, what vested interest do you have in defending the US Military about this?